Since March 2019, the global health pandemic has challenged and changed the habits of consumers and business owners alike. E-commerce saw a spike in sales with consumers purchasing goods and services out of panic, necessity, and or recreation. While business owners hurriedly adapted to match consumer needs and ensure consumers received goods on time. Through these changes, the necessity and number of drivers increased. Businesses owners, both retail and e-commerce, have required drivers to make increasing deliveries around the clock. 

With a new variant threatening another or multiple lockdowns and stay-at-home orders foreshadows another spike in online sales. And while the transportation industry has faced its own challenges of supply chain disruptions in a nationwide and international emergency, delivery needs have not ceased. Prime Time has been able to provide its loyal customers with the transportation vehicles necessary to continue their retail and e-commerce needs. We offer an array of fleet vehicles tailored to small and large business owners alike. Prime Time is committed to excellence, solutions, and productivity. 

Here are some tips and advice to ensure the longevity of your business and health of your drivers:

Know local speed limits and traffic laws. 

hether traffic is scarce or you are in a jam, it is best practice to memorize the speed limits and traffic laws of your journey. For your own safety and the safety of others, take some time to understand your route.

Keep up to date with the weather forecast. 

Canadian weather may be unpredictable, especially in the months of December-February. One day may be green and sunny and another day snowy, windy, and slushy. Therefore, keep up to date with the weather forecast to help combat the temperature, take into account route times, as well as vehicle maintenance and safety.

Know your blind spot. 

No matter how much experience you may have under your best, it is important to familiarize yourself with your vehicle’s blind spots. Keep them in mind as you drive next to other trucks or smaller cars.

Keep a safe driving distance. 

While it may be tempting to ensure your deliveries are made on time and you reach your final destination, your own safety and the safety of others is more important. A safe driving distance will help you stop, swerve, or move out of the way in case another vehicle gets too close.

Keep your fuel topped off.

This one may be obvious, but is especially important in the heart of winter. Stopping to refill or find a gas station during snow should be avoided. Ensuring efficient gas will ensure a seamless drive without pressure of having to refill.

Preparation and caution go hand in hand. At Prime Time, the health and safety of our drivers is of utmost importance. Having the necessary resources and knowledge will ensure you are confident, proficient, and well-equipped to handle all of the challenges and changes during deliveries or other business needs.

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