The world of e-commerce has changed drastically in the past few years, creating the need for electrically fast same day and next day delivery.  

It’s all nice and dandy for e-commerce retailers to “promise” same day delivery, to keep up with the Amazon big-dogs and gain leverage over local e-commerce competitors (that use snailish 5 -7-day delivery) …but…

Is your delivery fleet up to scale to deliver on those promises? 

Making a sale is just step one of e-commerce. Step two is fulfillment, and fulfillment is where companies often drop the ball.

The worst is when e-commerce retailers set up what they think is a fool-proof fulfillment system; but then shipments don’t reach on time leading to angry customers who leave negative reviews that bring down an otherwise perfect score…. ouch!

At Prime Time, we understand the delivery pains of Toronto and Scarborough e-commerce retailers. We understand the need and desperation companies have for fulfillment done right, and that is why we take time to make sure our customers have their deliveries fulfilled accurately and at break necking speed!

From pick and pack for small orders to be shipped around the globe, to receiving, reticketing, and repackaging your inventory to be sent out again. At Prime Time in Toronto and Scarborough, we use the latest software and logistical technologies to keep on top of expedited same day and next-day deliveries. We not only fulfill your client’s expectations but go above and beyond to handle sensitive material correctly and transparently, using the latest software to let you know where we are at every step of the way.

Prime Time is not just fulfillment. It’s peace of mind. We take pride in being the last link to your customer, the last mile to the fastest, most reliable delivery available in Toronto and Scarborough.

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