It’s the season of giving. That also means it’s the season of gift giving and receiving aka e-fulfillment. E-fulfillment is all the people and processes and technology required to deliver an online order to a customer. In the past eighteen months, consumers and businesses alike have struggled with changes brought on by the global health pandemic. Among these changes include changes to shopping habits. Social distancing and multiple lockdowns resulted in consumers to increase online shopping and stream television shows and movies alike. The adaptation to virtual existence means a spike in B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) sales and e-commerce. We have seen consumers rely heavily on online shopping to meet their daily and recreational needs, while businesses adopted to e-commerce models to continue delivering products and services to consumers.

An increase in e-commerce for products and services has also adversely impacted supply and demand. A sudden increase in demand that far exceeds labourers or drivers has, at times, causes disruption, delivery delays, or cancellation of orders. This, of course, is not good for businesses and consumers alike. Businesses rely on good reviews and returning customers to remain afloat, while consumers have the option to return or cancel, leave a bad review, and opt for another product or service provider with a line of businesses eager to consolidate an order. In some instances of high demand, e-commerce businesses increased prices on products and services. This, of course, is good for businesses. And we may deduce that the increase in products and services purchases increases the need for labourers and drivers to meet these transactional needs. And where there are drivers, there is transport to deliver products and services.

What hasn’t been affected by the global health pandemic is Prime Time’s dedication to its clients. Prime Time continues to deliver, pun intended, on its products and services with quality and precision in a timely manner. We continue to deliver on courier vehicles, fleets, and e-fulfillment for our clients. We understand that your business requires the transport to fulfill the needs of customers. That is why for over twenty-two years we have continued to offer end to end logistics and transportation solutions. This holiday season, you can count on our drivers, who have been selected through a refined recruitment process, to ensure your business needs are met. An innovative team, we offer the highly quality of logistics and transportation solutions to meet all needs. Prime Time values its clients and ensures deliveries are timely. That is why we are considered an industry leader when it comes to servicing courier and trucking needs.

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