Material logistics for construction companies should allow them to work smarter and not harder. With the right solution, companies are able to save time and energy on tasks such as storage, transportation, and delivery. While most companies focus on managing requirements on construction sites, for a company to find a logistical solution for materials allows more time and energy to be devoted to what matters, building. On-site services are not the only requirements for construction companies, and allocating time and resources to storing building materials, transporting them, offloading, and disposal all add to the time and costs that a company takes on.

Optimizing material logistics, therefore, handles specifications for the materials required, delivery, warehouse storage, handling, delivery, and disposal. Annually, inefficient logistical solutions lead to a loss in revenues as well as material surplus, damage, and ineffective use. Costs with orders, storage, delivery, and removal are all excess charges for construction companies and maximizing productivity means finding a material logistics plan that fit the needs of your company. To minimize costs with these purchases, labour, and disposal a solution can be created to create a plan involving the client, contractor, and any subcontractors required.

Each project is unique, and in partnering with a construction company we are able to provide a white-glove service that maps out the unique needs you have on any given project. Having the right logistics solution is vital in making sure projects run smoothly, meet deadlines, and stay in budget. Our services can provide access to equipment, raw materials, delivery solutions, warehouse storage, and disposal for building materials prior to and after use. The right solution for material logistics is able to coordinate aspects of workflow for you to increase productivity and reduce overall costs and time. We are able to give careful attention from the start to the end of the supply chain and map out the needs that you may have to provide the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

Implementing the right material logistical solution at the beginning of a project allows our specialists to plan out all aspects of storage, transport, and delivery, easing the workload of construction managers and increasing efficiency. With dedicated storage, reliable transportation, transparency with deliveries, and open communication around supply chains, companies are in complete control of all essential materials at every moment. At Prime Time we are able to help companies by providing this support. A white-glove approach means that your company is able to receive customized material logistic solutions that meet the needs of your project in order to cut costs, decrease workloads, and maximize your productivity.

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