Last Mile Delivery Continued

Last mile delivery is the most crucial part of the delivery process. It is defined as the last hub of when the purchased item(s) leaves the final delivery destination and is heading directly to your customer. Why is that ‘mile’ so important? This part is where companies should create

Boxing Day Logistics Tips

This time of the year is close to the most hectic and in-demand time for logistics, retail, delivery, and everything in between. Companies have been preparing months ahead for this day, especially with an ongoing increase in e-commerce and increased consumer spending habits. If you are new to the

Christmas Logistics Tips

With Christmas around the corner, e-commerce will be on the rise. Deliveries may be backed up, delays will trigger angry customers, and it can be a disaster for a company. The whole logistics industry is being texted at their maximum capabilities. The preparation period can make all the difference.

Advantages of Last Mile Delivery in Christmas

During a time like Christmas shoppers expect one thing above all else, reliability. Customers’ orders are very important to logistics services companies because this will make or break the festive season. Therefore, dependable, and consistent delivery services are vital during this time. This can come in especially during your

How Much Does Warehouse Storage Cost?

The cost of warehouse storage varies wildly, depending on the size and location. It can also vary based on what your business is storing. Some warehouses will have higher costs for additional services like electricity, janitorial service, or HVAC maintenance. And some landlords may require you to cover these