White Glove

White glove deliveries are essential in handling shipments that have special requirements, need extra care, or attention. Businesses can require these solutions due to the contents of the shipment or their size. When choosing a white glove solution, it comes along with added inspections, extra protective packaging, assembly/dismantling, and special care with fragile items. These kinds of shipments are preferred in making sure that shipments are handled with the unique requirements they may have. 

 At Prime Time, one of the white glove solutions we cater to are HVAC and Builder Tanks direct to consumer. With pickup, storage, delivery, and installation covered a white glove solution means that you don’t need to worry. From automotive, home appliance, and medical spaces, white glove deliveries guarantee the safe transport of delicate shipments. When delivering water tanks, air-conditions, and furnaces to consumers, white glove solutions means that extra time is taken for seamless pick-up, warehouse storage, and delivery. With inventory being monitored, updated and taken care of, a white glove solution allows businesses peace of mind for every step of the process. 

For medical and lab shipments, surgical tools, and medical machinery (X-Rays, MRI, CT Scans, Ultrasound), ensuring that the delivery is handled with the necessary care is essential. NFO Medical solutions like organ transportation is another area that needs white glove delivery. Knowing where a shipment is at every step of the way, verifying identification at pickup and delivery, and maintaining the right temperature control and care are all part of choosing this shipping solution. Automotive and aviation is another field where these deliveries are the right choice for a business. When handling sensitive materials, packing, shipping, and delivery all need to be handled with care to make sure that the equipment is not damaged. For large, delicate shipments white glove delivery mitigates any risk that would exist with a regular courier solution. 

A white glove shipping solution gives your business constant monitoring, a clear chain of custody, and accountability at every step of the way for your shipment. Professionalism and experience allow us at Prime Time to provide white glove delivery solutions whenever needed. For business-to-business or business-to-consumer solutions, a white glove delivery provides peace of mind when factoring in shipping conditions, speciality care, and shipping times. At Prime Time, we have been handling the white glove delivery needs of businesses for over 20 years. These solutions allow you peace of mind and clear communication so that you know where your shipment is at all times. With the highest industry standards, our team works hard to give you the comfort of knowing everything is taken care of. 

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