Delivering in the busy streets of Downtown, Toronto can sometimes be a hassle. We have navigated through that, with an accessible stream of getting your packaged delivered. Truck drivers have it hard, especially in the small spaces and streets of Toronto. We have lifted the weight of the offloading process and integrated it with biker to complete the route.

Generally, a driver would drive downtown look for parking spot, park the car take a ticket go upstairs grab package get back into the car. Whereas now we have a central meeting spot, where the biking courier continues the delivery. Helping drivers avoid the trouble of leaving their truck unsupervised, risking a parking ticket, and many other inconveniences.

Not only does this process benefit the driver, but also helps small packages reach the end destination in a more efficient manner. If packages are within travelling within the proximity of Toronto, then our bikers are prepped with optimized routes and the tools to steer on demand!

With a fast and efficient logistics team, Prime Time Messenger ensures that your package will be there on time. Not only do they deliver damage free but also with best customer service to keep you satisfied!

Deliver It Fast, with Prime Time Messenger

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