partner of dream

Prime Time is the business partner of your dreams. We specialize in sameday expedited delivery while staying within your budget.  We will fulfill your online sales with accuracy and speed, leaving you with happy customers and five-star reviews. As most e-commerce retailers have realized, lead conversion and selling is only half of the journey, the other half is fulfillment in a never-ending time crunch. With increased online orders, coming in from all across the city, province and country, efficient delivery can get very complicated. 

Lucky for Toronto & Scarborough e-commerce retailers, Prime Time takes a load off of inventory storage, inventory management, packaging, reticketing and of course, fast, transparent and reliable delivery. Our Pick and Pack storage centres allow our clients to carry a large selection of items, which allows you to sell more products. As Prime Time receives orders, our experienced staff pick, package, re-ticket and label them for shipment. Inventory is updated in real time as orders are placed and sent out so our retailers will never have items for sale that do not physically exist in the warehouse. 

Having a partner like Prime Time is the key to running a successful e-commerce retail store. Customers demand fast and accurate delivery, that only an experienced fulfillment solutions organization like Prime Time can provide. 

The last mile delivery is the longest, most expensive and most complicated mile. Traffic, misinformation, broken and misinformed inventory management, and remote delivery locations is what makes the last mile the longest. Partnering with Prime Time allows you to breathe easy and rest assured that your customers and your brand are in trusted hands. As the days go by, customer demands will increase, the addiction of instant gratification will intensify, and multinational corporations like Amazon and Walmart will push the last mile bar even higher. How is your e-commerce retail store going to compete? Don’t wait for that time to leave your stranded, jump on the Prime Time delivery truck today! 

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