What do you think of when you hear white glove delivery? A man or woman on your front doorstep delivering white gloves or, perhaps, wearing white gloves while delivering your order? Or, in a global health pandemic is this more of a health and safety precautionary term describing hygiene practices and sanitation? White glove delivery is a broad industry term used to describe varying services offered by logistics companies that go above and beyond ordinary curbside pickup and delivery procedures. So, if you envisioned your order arriving on a silver platter by a man or woman wearing white gloves, you were not too far off. While glove delivery minimizes the risk of your order arriving in a damaged or frayed condition, endeavoring to preserve its original, optimal, and pristine state. Though a large company, Prime Time is an integral part of the white glove delivery process, ensuring our clients and their consumers are satisfied and happy

White glove delivery can include anything from disassembly and assembly of furniture to installation of things like electronics and smart devices. Professional packing and protection of products and goods ensures the item reaches the destination in the same perfect condition it left the warehouse. This is extremely important because consumer reviews on public forums or even just refunds and exchanges can seriously damage the reputation and profit margins of a business. At Prime Time, we implement white glove delivery strategies and solutions to maintain the integrity of the business owner to ensure the satisfaction and happiness of the consumer. Our loyal clients may attest to our service model as we deliver, pun intended, on quality and supreme service.

At Prime Time, our range of white glove delivery services cater to various industries from medical equipment, home and appliances, and automotive. For example, items such as air conditioners, furnaces, and water tanks are taken care of with caution from the moment they leave the warehouse to the instant they are delivered to the consumer. Inventory is closely monitored for performance, agility, and pristine condition while they are in the warehouse and delivery is done so with methods that prevent damage or fray to the product while it is being transported to the destination. It is crucial to handle large items such as the aforementioned with care, otherwise risk monetary loss, consumer dissatisfaction, delays, and more. White glove delivery practices are essential for businesses to remain competitive and profitable. White glove delivery solutions may be implemented as needed and improved or revised depending on necessity, function, cost, or utility. A leader in innovation and committed to business and customer satisfaction, you can count on Prime Time with all your delivery needs. Talk to us today about your business needs and let us take care of your consumers.

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