Delivery drivers have been essential to keeping our economy running before and during this pandemic. With society facing one of the biggest health crises in a long time, our drivers risk their well being to help getting the things we need to survive. Our essential products such as food, clothing and all things included are delivered timely thanks to our drivers. The pandemic has also put a spotlight on the importance of the trucking industry here in the GTA, and across the globe. We take this moment, to thank the drivers at Prime Time who continue to show up, and to highlight their long over-due appreciation that have kept our society and our clients operating.

Our truck drivers are part of our family here at Prime Time. We recognize how important you are to our business on a daily basis, as we rely on you and our carrier partners, to deliver thousands of shipments a day for our clients. Beyond just delivering, our drivers work hard to not only deliver goods securely, but also in maintaining strict and busy schedules, alongside constantly changing industry regulations and safety measures.

At Prime Time, the safety of our drivers is a priority, providing them with the means of sanitation and protective gear. Whether they are driving within the GTA or border crossing, we ensure that the journey remains as safe as possible. We have also maintained strict equipment preparation protocol. Attributing time to keeping commonly touched surfaces clean, this includes steering wheels, keys, control knobs, door handles & seat belts. In addition, drivers are trained on managing potential risks, to help continued safety within Covid-19. Our optimal safety standards are not only to keep our drivers safe, but the communities in and around the GTA.

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