Shipping time and costs have been severely impacted through the period of Covid-19. With containers being at an all-time shortage, resulting in shipping costs rising by over 300%. This has left companies waiting even longer to receive their normal shipments. Not only has time been strained but has also left companies paying premium for standard shipments.

In December only, freight rates were at an outstanding 264% increase for the Asia and North Europe route, in comparison to one year earlier. A staggering 145% increase from Asia to the West Coast of the U.S. All in all, leaving spot rates at approximately $6,000 per container compared to the standard price of $1,200.

Making matters worse, there were many cancellations for new containers last year during the lockdown, which delayed processes further. Additionally, the domino effect had burdened many areas of transport, including air freight and everything that came with it.

With a lack of options, high prices, and limited capacity combined, it has created further challenges for all forms of transport and delivery. Prime Time has the resources and systems to keep your networks running. Continuing to benefit your company and logistics as well as leverage our worldwide network.

As a trusted partner to your business, we will work closely with you to find the best possible routing available at the best possible price. Also following through with our continuous promise for quality assurance.

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