Deliveryman Driver

Prime Times Luxury Brand Delivery Service

With our unparalleled expertise, we are the leading professionals in transportation services for luxury brands that require tailored solutions for high-value customers. These products are not mere commodities, which is why they require extra care. The luxury aspect follows through the supply chain, from perfect packaging to product design


CBD Shipping

Pharmaceutical CBD Shipping & Logistics

We understand that finding certified handlers of CBD and prescriptions can be difficult, with many unreliable transportation options, uncertified delivery options, it leaves endless amounts of grey area and no suitable solution. As medicine becomes increasingly personalized, so does the clinical supply chain. That is where we at Primetime


Front Line Workers

Thank You Front Line Workers

Front-line everywhere, we thank you. We thank you for your resilience, strength, and selflessness. The courage portrayed during this pandemic has been outstanding. These workers have been critical to our Canadian society, as we continue to fight against Covid-19. The dedication to their work has helped in keeping our