Toronto Last Mile Delivery

Last Mile Delivery Toronto is the most critical component in the supply chain. It is when the customer receives the product they have been anxiously waiting for. What a disappointment when the product comes late or is damaged!

Prime Time specializes in the same day safe delivery direct to your customer. Delivering same day virtually eliminates lost packages and damaged products. We deliver your product in the original packaging thus maintaining your brand integrity.

From apparel, entertainment, food, electronics, health and beauty products, and e-commerce retailers in Toronto are not only competing for the Canadian market share, but they are also competing to offer the fastest and cheapest delivery. Customer demands for cheap and fast delivery are increasing daily. For e-commerce retailers in Vaughan, Prime Time offers a tremendous advantage!

Whether from a transportation hub or Distribution Centre to the customer’s residence or business, this last mile of delivery can range from a few blocks to over 100 km and is the most important and most expensive leg of the entire delivery process (30% of the cost of delivery is in the last mile). The last mile needs to be efficient, operate on flawless order management technology and be transparent for the retailer and end customer. 

So much can go wrong and drive up cost and time within the last mile. From urban congestion, incomplete and incorrect customer addresses, far out rural deliveries, and miscommunication with customers who need to receive deliveries in person. The stakes are high and cost even higher when deliveries range in the thousands.

Last Mile Delivery Toronto is difficult enough, to begin with, perfecting it is truly an envied art. But do you have the money and time to waste on learning how to perfect the last mile for your customers?

That’s where Prime Time comes in. Prime Time, for Toronto retailers, has perfected an end-to-end solution to avoid the many challenges of last mile delivery.

Prime Time’s state of the art software makes storage, inventory, packaging, shipping and tracking easy and efficient. Not only do we cut your delivery costs, but our fleets can out pace any competition, and make your customers click for joy an amazing experience.

We offer contactless confirmed deliveries, ID verification on high-value and medical shipments, and package removal upon request.

There is no better way to satisfy your customer than to ensure they receive their product in a timely, safe, and secure manner.

We provide Last Mile Delivery in following cities: