Retail Logistics and Distribution

In a world where pharmaceutical deliveries are increasing daily, it is important to trust a company that has the necessary Federal certifications and practical experience to get the job done. We combine years of know-how, unrivalled responsiveness and our global network of GMP depots to support the full scope of your clinical supply chain needs. We are the only truly integrated partner, offering a single-source solution for clinical packaging, storage and distribution, and premium courier services.

We offer contactless delivery and receipt ID verification for all home deliveries. We currently service over 100 pharmacies for daily pick up of COVID19 samples. We also deliver over 100 medicinal cannabis shipments a day to homes across Ontario.

Our drivers are screened with federal and state criminal background checks, urinalysis, and quarterly analysis of their driving records. We are here to ensure that our clients receive the pharmaceuticals they so desperately need when they need them.

As medicine becomes increasingly personalized, so does the clinical supply chain. The focus is more and more on patients, including the shift toward virtual and home-based trials. In this changing landscape, outsourcing clinical supply chain logistics services to an integrated, global solutions provider like Prime Time is a logical pathway to increasing speed-to-market, mitigating risk and optimizing overall supply chain efficiency.

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